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Lock-Clad Cable Assemblies

Loos and Company manufactures lock-clad cable for use in aircraft control as well as various other industrial applications

Lock-clad cable is manufactured by swaging an aluminum tubing over a 7×7 or 7×19 galvanized or stainless steel cable. Originally developed for aircraft control applications, lock-clad has found additional industrial applications where the following properties are advantageous:

  • Stretch is reduced substantially
  • Sag is virtually eliminated
  • A smooth cylindrical surface finish allows lock-clad to be sealed when routed through pressurized bulkheads
  • Vibration or “singing” is reduced

Lock-clad cable is supplied almost exclusively as a complete assembly with swaged fittings attached to fit the customer’s needs. Since lock-clad cable is supplied rigid, the swaged on aluminum cladding can be removed at any point, for any distance, if necessary to pass over a pulley or perform a flexible action between two rigid sections. Loos and Company is an approved manufacturer for the QPL specification MIL-DTL-87218. For more information, or to receive a quotation for lock-clad cable assemblies, please contact us.

Loos and Company Lock-Clad Assembly
Type of Cable Inside CableInner Cable Diameter
in. mm.
Outer Cladding Diameter
in. mm.
Cable ConstructionBreaking Strength(lbs.)Weight in Lbs. Per FootMaximum Available Length of Clad Section
Galvanized3/32 2.5.201± .003 5.17×7920.75 oz.30 ft.
Galvanized1/8 3.2.250±.003 6.57×192,0001.25 oz30 ft.
Stainless3/32 2.5.201±.003 5.17×7920.75 oz30 ft.
Stainless1/8 3.2.250±.003 6.57×191,7601.25 oz30 ft.