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Government Sales

Loos & Co : Premier supplier of wire, aircraft cable, and wire rope for government sales. Trusted quality, custom solutions for aerospace and military sectors.

Company Overview

Founded in 1958, Loos and Company have since become a leader in manufacturing a wide variety of wire, aircraft cable, and wire rope. Loos draws wire, strands, and closes wire rope up to 1-1-4″ DIA right in the USA at our Pomfret, Connecticut facility. Our facility has a state-of-the-art rope mill, extrusion room, and wire mill for drawing. In addition, we have a jewel division specializing in brush wire products, a med tech division that manufactures various medical products, and a cable tech department that focuses on cable assemblies alongside our wire and wire rope division equipment. Our products are available in numerous constructions, sizes, and materials. We also provide custom products, configurations, and performance characteristics when you require them. Our high-quality products, manufacturing flexibility, and exceptional customer service mean that by buying with Loos, you are sure to find the cable and rope products that meet your specifications!

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Primary Areas of Support

Federal Classifications



NAICS 332618

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing fabricated wire products (except springs) made from purchased wire

NAICS 336413

Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing aircraft parts or auxiliary equipment and/or developing and making prototypes of aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment

FSC 4010

Chain and wire rope. Chain and wire rope with attachments or terminations are classified in this class when they are for general use

FSC 1640

Aircraft Control Cable Products. Wire rope with attachments or terminations and pulleys used in aircraft control applications.

FSC 1075

Degaussing and Mine Sweeping equipment

FSC 9505

Wire, Nonelectrical. This class contains bulk material only. Excludes wire having electrical resistivity or conductivity rating

FSC 9525

Wire, Nonelectrical, Nonferrous Base Metal. Excludes wire having electrical resistivity or conductivity rating

Military Specifications




Wire rope, flexible, for aircraft control – supersedes MIL-W-83420, MIL-C-5424, and MIL-W-1511


Wire rope, non flexible, for aircraft application – supersedes MIL-W-87161, MIL-W-5693, and MIL-W-6940)


Cable, steel (corrosion-resisting, non-magnetic) flexible, preformed (for aeronautical use) – supersedes MIL-W-18375


Cable, lockclad, for aircraft control


Wire Rope Assemblies, Aviation, Swage Type


Wire ropes, stainless steel preformed, non-rotation, for aircraft rescue hoist and cargo handling (winching) – supersedes MIL-W-83140


Wire Rope Assemblies; Aircraft, Proof Testing, and Prestretching


Wire rope and wire rope assemblies; single leg-corrosion resisting steel, minesweeping

Alongside our product specifications and federal classifications, there are various other industry and customer specs that Loos is capable of meeting. To learn more, visit our specifications page here.

Loos & Co.’s Quality Commitment

CAGE: 59157 | DUNS: 00-453-4657


For decades, Loos has strived for and achieved excellence. One of our proudest achievements is that the Defense Logistics Agency’s Supplier Risk Ratings has given Loos a supplier rating in the top 5% of all contractors. Other examples of Loos and Company’s high-level performance include:

  • Manufactures and stocks wire, aircraft cable, and wire rope in stainless steel, galvanized carbon steel, and a variety of other alloys
  • We are the sole source of various products, such as rescue hoists and minesweeping rope
  • We proudly serve numerous industries, including aerospace, military, and commercial applications (fitness equipment, rigging, elevators, scaffolding operations)

Our Certifications

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • AS9100: Rev D
  • ISO 13485:2016 (Med Tech Division)
  • SAM.gov Registered
  • Enhanced JCP Certified
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Loos and Company are proud to be a member of PartsBase. Through PartsBase you can find many of our high-quality aerospace and military products. Go to partsbase.com to learn more.

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To learn more about our Government Specifications, reach out to our Government Sales Specialist, Harry  Durand.

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