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Supporting Diversity and Community Development

Loos & Co: Supporting Women & Girls, Diversity in the Workplace, and Local Community Outreach. Join us in promoting a more inclusive and sustainable future.

One of our focuses at Loos and Company is supporting women in the workplace and creating an environment with as much diversity as possible. We have a highly diverse workforce with seven leadership roles within Loos being held by women. 25% of our plant employees, including operators and supervisors, are women, including in engineering, where two of our recent hires were also women. Alongside our own company’s diversity, we support local women and girls in the greater community. An example of this is our work with the Community Foundation of Eastern Connecticut’s Northeast Women & Girls Fund. The foundation helps women and girls achieve professional, personal, and educational goals in the local area.

“We wanted to create an incentive program to help out those most in need in the community. We asked our employees to recommend local charities to support.”

-Central Wire Industries Rope and Assemblies Division President Tom Dodds

Another area of support that we provide is to our Pomfret Community Market. We are firm believers in the importance of fresh produce and products made by those within the local community. Buying local boosts the local community and also improves sustainability, and leads to a more environmentally friendly future. Loos have provided bags for guests to carry their local produce home.