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Pulleys and Sheaves

Discover top-quality wire rope pulleys and sheaves at eSheaves.com : offering custom and stock solutions for various industries including specialized applications with Process Sheaves and QSheaves.

Loos and Company Pulleys & Sheaves

For over 50 years, Loos & Co., Inc. has pioneered and thrived in the highly critical profession of wire and wire rope manufacturing for use in applications where human lives are directly at stake. This valuable experience has taught us “the ropes” about what a difference quality and performance make in your wire and wire rope applications. Now, we can help make the difference for you with your pulleys and sheaves applications too.

We’re proud to offer a wide variety of military specification and commercial pulleys and sheaves through our e-commerce platform eSheaves.com!

For years, eSheaves.com has been the number one source for the wire rope industry, developing and providing custom engineered wire rope sheaves that meet your specific needs and rigors of your application. We also supply a large inventory of stock sheaves from the best known brands in the industry.

These products are the perfect complement to the specialized wire and wire ropes used in markets that we’ve supported for years. Pairing Loos & Co., Inc. wire with the highest quality pulleys and sheaves will repay you with the performance you have come to expect from our products.

We are excited to offer products under the following three brands known in the wire and wire rope industry:

Process Sheaves™ is the industry source for pulleys used in wire and cable manufacturing. If you manufacture electrical wire & cable, medical tubing, optical fibers, or similar products, then Process Sheaves are right for you! eSheaves designs and sells a complete line of sheaves and pulleys for processing of your linear products.

QSheaves™ has long been known for quick delivery on customizable lifting sheaves. If you need a quality wire rope sheave from a reputable company that is both in stock & economical, QSheaves provide both a cost-effective and convenient solution without compromising quality.

Fully Customizable Cast nylon sheaves that provide exceptional durability and performance in demanding applications.

Don’t modify existing equipment to make replacement sheaves fit. Don’t compromise your new designs to fit some ‘catalog’ sheave. Let us get you the strength and performance to your exact requirements.

One Good Turn Deserves Another

Get exactly what you need in your applications to ensure you get the most from your wire ropes and sheaves. Pair these custom products with our wide range of wire rope and cable products, and you will get the performance you need when you need it. Click on the icon below to visit esheaves.com today!