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Reflexlite Cable

Enhance safety with Reflexlite wire rope, a light reflective coated product for hazard delineation. Visible from several hundred feet, resistant to road salt, and easily assembled/disassembled.

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Reflexlite® Reflective Cable


Wire rope is, at its core, a safety product. Whether lifting, pulling, or securing a load, the strength and flexibility of wire rope makes it a superior choice when you need to protect lives and assets. Loos and Company has combined the mechanical properties of wire rope with the added safety of light reflective plastic coating to make Reflexlite®, a safety light reflective wire rope product that provides a visual barrier for outlining hazards in any application.

close-up of Reflexlite cable
Reflexlite® reflective wire rope is designed to enhance low light or night time visibility where delineation is needed to see hazardous objects or situations. A 1/8″ wide strip of reflective material creates a brilliant series of silver-white dashes reflected directly back to a light source, and can be seen from a distance of several hundred feet. Applications for Reflexlite® include tower guy wires, roadside guardrails, barricades, mine safety lighting, and any other application that will benefit from a visual alert to the presence of a hazard.

Reflexlite® is available in several size and color combinations. If you are interested in learning more, contact us and we’ll provide you with additional product information.


Reflexlite® has a working temperature range of -50 to +150°F

Reflexlite® is resistant to road salt

Reflexlite® has excellent weatherability

Reflexlite® is visible from several hundred feet

Reflexlite® is easily connected/disconnected and assembled/disassembled