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High-Quality Aerospace & Mil-Spec Bushings

Discover our premium Aerospace & Mil-Spec Bushings, designed for maximum durability, reliability, and precision.

High-Quality Aerospace & Mil-Spec Bushings - Durable, Reliable, Precision-Made

Welcome to our selection of high-quality & domestically manufactured, Aerospace & Mil-Spec Bushings.  Designed to meet the most demanding standards of durability, reliability, and precision, our MIL-spec bushings play a big role in aircraft functions where efficiency and reliability are paramount.  Whether you’re working on critical aerospace projects or military applications, our premium bushings ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Explore our comprehensive range of top-grade bushings, crafted to deliver industry-leading quality and service. Trust in our expertise and commitment to excellence for all your specialized bushing needs.


Bushings are small aircraft parts used in the aerospace and military industries.  They are crucial for reducing friction in key parts of an aircraft and act as a barrier between moving parts, ensuring that they glide smoothly against each other with minimal resistance. Reducing friction without oil or grease is especially important in high-stress areas where metal-on-metal contact could lead to wear and potential failure. 

Bushings also help with supporting loads during aircraft operation. Whether from external forces or internal mechanical stresses, significant loads can be experienced by aerospace components. Bushings help distribute these loads, preventing localized pressure points that could weaken or damage the surrounding structure. 


Our Bushings:

Listed below are some of the more popular series we produce:

NAS Series (National Aerospace Standard) Bushings:

 NAS 75 Series (Steel Bushings): 

• NAS75-6-024

• NAS75-3-028 

• NAS75-4-100

• NAS75-6-024

• NAS65-3-28

NAS 77 Series (Alloy Steel Cadium Plating). NAS 77A (Aluminum Bronze):

• NAS77-4-50

• NAS77A3-010P



NAS 76 Series (Aluminum Bronze Bushings): 

• NAS75A8-012P

• NAS76A4-006

• NAS76A5-003N

• NAS76A16-016P

• NAS76A4-008

• NAS76A4-006

• NAS76A5-003N


Boeing Standard Bushings:




Do you have a specification requirement you don't see?

Our Certifications:

Our bushings are a Mil-Spec product, which conforms to the following standards: 



NAS Part Standards 

Made in USA