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Coated Cable

Enhance aircraft cable performance with Loos and Company's coated options. Choose from nylon or vinyl jackets in a variety of colors and materials.

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Coated Cable Products

Coated cable spools in large warehouse

Extruding a plastic jacket onto aircraft cable or wire rope will provide extra abrasion resistance, added protection in extreme conditions, and a splash of color! Loos and Company is capable of coating a wide range of sizes (1/32″ – 1 3/8″) and types.

We offer stock of aircraft coated cable in nylon and vinyl in the following colors:

Natural Red
Clear Orange
Black Yellow
REFLEXLITE Reflective Cable  
**Custom colors available upon request.

Loos and Company’s coated cable is available in a variety of jacketing materials. Beyond standard plastics, Loos and Company offers our highly specialized LOLON® series, designed to meet the specific needs of your application. Below are the standard jacketing materials offered by Loos and Company, with customized materials available upon request. To learn more about each material, download our Jacket Materials Brochure.

-Poly-Vinyl-Chloride -LOLON® “M”
-Polyethylene -LOLON® “PU”
-Polypropylene -LOLON® “FDA”
-LOLON® “B”  
-LOLON® “F”  
-LOLON® “I”  

Scroll down to search our extensive listing of coated aircraft cables by jacket material, cable material, and construction. If you do not find exactly what you are searching for, our aircraft cable, wire rope, Reflexlite® reflective cable, and mooring cable pages have additional materials and constructions for your review.

 To place an order of aircraft coated cable, or answer any additional questions you may have, please contact us. To learn more about outside diameter tolerances for jacketed cable, visit our technical information page.

Loos & Co Reflexlite spool

Stainless Steel

Vinyl Nylon
7×7 7×7
7×19 7×19


Vinyl Nylon
7×7 7×7
7×19 7×19