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Made in USA

Loos & Co : Proud American manufacturer of wire rope and aircraft cable meeting Buy America and Made in USA standards.

Our Domestic Manufacturing History

Loos and Company’s history is the classic story of working towards the American dream. Founded in the pastoral northeast corner of Connecticut in 1958 by A.W. “Gus” Loos, Loos and Company went from a three-car garage business to a 220,000 square foot manufacturing plant. Located in scenic Pomfret, Connecticut, our manufacturing plant now employs over 250 employees. As we take pride in domestic manufacturing, we are using this section of our website to give a brief overview of some of the American standards we meet, our domestic products, our capabilities, and why we believe American manufacturing is one of the backbones of this great country.

Loos and Company Headquarters today

Domestic Manufacturing Standards Loos and Company Meets

Domestic Wire Rope:

Domestic wire rope is defined by the Committee of Domestic Steel Wire Rope and Specialty Cable as wire rope that is stranded and closed in the USA. It is important to remember the requirement allows for some of the materials making up the rope product to be imported from outside of the USA.

100% Domestic/Buy America Act:

The Buy America Act requires 100% of a product to be manufactured in the USA, including the steel mill products. To fit 100% domestic requirements, the melting of the steel, the stranding, and the closing process must be performed within the USA. Typically, Loos sees requests for 100% domestic from the Department of Transportation (DOT) or when federal funds are involved.

Buy American Act:

The Buy American Act outlines that the cost of product supplies manufactured outside of the USA must not exceed 50% of the total price of the final product. Meaning, if various supplies for wire rope are manufactured outside of the US, those costs must be less than 50% of the wire rope’s final price. If steel is melted overseas, the manufacturer’s cost contribution has to exceed 50% of the overall cost in meeting the requirements of the Buy American Act.

Made in USA:

Made in USA means that “all or virtually all” of a product has been made in America. Not only does this mean the significant parts of the product must be from America, but that the processing and labor going into the product must also be of US origin.

Military Specifications:

Military Specification Standards, or more commonly known as Mil-Spec, are a detailed set of product specifications established by the Department of Defense. All Mil-Spec products have strict requirements for the manufacturing process, materials used, and product performance.

The Best American-Made Products on the Market

Domestic Aircraft Wire

Our aircraft cable is a durable and well-crafted American-made product. We offer our cable in various materials, constructions, and sizes. We are also fully capable of making custom products, further showcasing our flexibility as a manufacturer. In addition, our aircraft cable meets the requirements of Buy America, Buy American, and Made in USA standards. Want to learn more? Check out our aircraft cable.

Loos and Company Aircraft cable
Domestic Wire Rope

While many companies can manufacture wire rope, no one does it like Loos. Our wire rope is manufactured from the highest quality materials, has high strength levels, and extreme durability. We offer wire rope in numerous grades of stainless steel and galvanized steel options, alongside various constructions and sizes. If you are interested in our wire rope that meets Buy America, Buy American, and Made in USA standards, browse our wire rope page here.

Loos and Company Wire Rope

Our Government Sales Page

Our Gov’t Sales page provides an in-depth look at Loos and Company. Our page describes the manufacturing standards and specifications we currently meet, proof of our numerous qualifications, our ID numbers, and an overview of the primary areas Loos supports. Loos and Company’s Government Sales page also provides customers with the details of numerous Mil-Spec products we manufacture. To look at an in-depth guide to Loos and Company’s capabilities, check out our Government sales page!

Why American Manufacturing is Important to Us

Loos and Company firmly believe in the importance of domestically sourcing products. In recent years, companies have began outsourcing products and manufacturing factories to other countries. However, Loos has remained loyal to its American roots. By buying products through Loos and Company, you are guaranteed an exceptionally made American product while directly boosting the American manufacturing sector and economy. In addition, by spending money at an American company, you are supporting American employees, keeping the domestic manufacturing industry alive. Support America, Buy from Loos and Company!

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