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Discover a wealth of resources including product catalogs, videos, and infographics at Loos and Company. Stay informed with our updated library.

In our content library you will find product catalogs, infographics, videos, and other helpful information. We are constantly updating our resources so make sure to check back frequently!

Product Catalogs

Download any of the Loos and Company Product Catalogs here.

To learn more about any of our products, visit our product pages. You can search by product and then drill down to construction and/or materials and will be able to download a file with the information from the sheet. If you are having trouble finding the product data sheet you are looking for, please contact us.


Suicide Prevention Netting on the Golden Gate Bridge

This video explains the processes we use to manufacture cable for the suicide prevention netting being installed on the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a source of pride for all at Loos and Co., Inc. to be able to have such a potential impact on peoples’ lives: Literally preventing the loss of someone’s future. When we speak about offering a career that makes a difference, this is the type of project we are talking about. To get a transcript for the video below, click here.

EXERFLEXPRO® Fitness Cable

If you are looking for the highest quality fitness cable, look no further than EXERFLEXPRO® . Watch the video below to learn more:

Intro to Loos and Company Medical Technologies Division

Our Medical Technologies Division delivers high quality stainless steel and specialty alloy wire, strand, and cable to the medical industry. Watch the video below to learn more:

Learn the Ropes: Wire Edition

Our state-of-the-art wire mill has been drawing the highest quality stainless steel and high nickel alloy wire for over 30 years.


About Loos and Company

Did you know we ship to over 90 companies? Learn more about our capabilities by clicking on the below infographic.

Why Choose Loos?

How Domestic Is It?

Almost on a daily basis, we get asked about the various domestic wire rope requirements. Click on the below infographic to learn more.

Domestic Wire Rope

For even more detail, you can download this “cheat sheet“.

ISO 13485 Certification

Our Medical Technologies Division recently received their ISO 13485:2003 Certification. Click on the image below to learn more.

ISO Certification

Jacketed Cable

Loos and Company manufactures the highest quality jacketed cable available in the industry, available in a wide variety of colors and materials. Click on the image below to learn more.

Jacketed Cable