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Medical Product Packaging

High-quality packaging and labeling solutions for medical wire products. Custom spooling, bobbin winding, and precise labeling.

Packaging and Labeling

packaging labeling


Here at Loos and Company, we approach packaging the way we approach all of our products: what you spec is what you get. We can provide wire and cable on standard or custom spools and bobbins to fit any application or equipment. All of our products are precision wound to make your payoff operation completely hassle free.  We have invested in the latest spooling and bobbin winding technology giving us flexibility in lead times and packaging on Steeger® bobbins or bulk spools when needed.  When ordering, provide us with your specific spool or bobbin requirement. If you are not sure what packaging would work best, we are able to make a suggestion based on our experience in this industry.

Medical Bobbins

Bobbin Winding

When you ask, we listen.  All of our   fine wire products    are available on miniature bobbins in order to ensure you are able to effectively use our products. Once the wire has been respooled onto these miniature bobbins, the bobbins are then placed into a bag which is heat shrunk and placed into a box for shipping.

Medical Bobbins


All of our materials are packaged and labeled with product and order information. As a standard, we include part number, lot number, and order number, plus any additional information that you require. Tracing product from manufacture through to device is never a problem. Complete chemical analysis, heat and performance characteristics are provided with every shipment with our product certifications.