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Commercial Cable Assemblies

Loos & Co offers high-quality custom cable assemblies with short lead times. Get a quotation for fused cut wire rope and discover our capabilities.

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Commercial Cable Assemblies

Commercial Cable Assemblies

There is no job too big or too small for Loos and Company. We build commercial cable assemblies for every application, so take advantage of our capabilities! As a manufacturer, we can build you the highest quality cable assemblies for a reasonable price when you need them. Our efficient work cells translate to short lead times for quick prototypes or thousands of assemblies.

Review our cable assembly standard points of measure for capabilities and design details.

Fused Cut Wire Rope and Cables

No need to get unraveled by frayed cable ends. Loos and Company electrically cuts mechanical cable at high speed, fusing all end wires together, saving you time, reducing waste, cutting inventory, and greatly improving your product. Loos and Company also offers mechanically cut cable for both plastic coated and bare cable cut to your tolerance on precision production machines that cut true at high speeds. Send an inquiry and we’ll provide you with a quotation for fused cut cable.

Loos and Company Fused WIre
Loos and Company Cable Assemblies

Don’t See What you Need?

Loos and Company can manufacture custom assemblies for nearly every application. Please review our product specific pages for an in depth look at our company’s full capabilities. If you would like a quotation for your assembly, send an inquiry and we will respond quickly. If you still have questions or concerns about your application or our products, contact us.