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Conjuntos de cables Lock-Clad

Loos and Company manufactures lock-clad cable for use in aircraft control as well as various other industrial applications

Conjuntos de cables Lock-Clad

Lock-clad cable is manufactured by swaging an aluminum tubing over a 7×7 or 7×19 galvanized or stainless steel cable. Originally developed for aircraft control applications, lock-clad has found additional industrial applications where the following properties are advantageous:

  • Stretched is reduced substantially
  • Sag is virtually eliminated
  • A smooth cylindrical surface finish allows lock-clad to be sealed when routed through pressurized bulkheads

Lock-clad cable is supplied almost exclusively as a complete assembly with swaged fittings attached to fit the customer’s needs. Since lock-clad cable is supplied rigid, the swaged on aluminum cladding can be removed at any point, for any distance, if necessary to pass over a pulley or perform a flexible action between two rigid sections. Loos y Compañía is an approved manufacturer for the QPL specification MIL-DTL-87218. For more information, or to receive a quotation for lock-clad cable assemblies, please Contacto.

lock clad

Type of Cable Inside Cable Inner Cable Diameter
in. mm.
Outer Cladding Diameter
in. mm.
Cable Construction Breaking Strength(lbs.) Weight in Lbs. Per Foot Maximum Available Length of Clad Section
Galvanizado 3/32 2.5 .201± .003 5.1 7×7 920 .75 oz. 30 ft.
Galvanizado 1/8 3.2 .250±.003 6.5 7×19 2,000 1.25 oz 30 ft.
Stainless 3/32 2.5 .201±.003 5.1 7×7 920 .75 oz 30 ft.
Stainless 1/8 3.2 .250±.003 6.5 7×19 1,760 1.25 oz 30 ft.

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