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SS 302 Medizinischer Draht

Discover the properties and specifications of 302 stainless steel, a tough and ductile alloy for medical applications.

302 Stainless Steel Properties and Specifications

Austenitic, extremely tough, and ductile, 302 stainless steel is one of the more common chrome-nickel stainless and heat-resisting steels. Cold working will dramatically increase its hardness.

Chemical Composition (% of weight)
CarbonManganesePhosphorusSulfurSiliconChromiumNickelMolybdenumOther Elements 0.10
Mechanical Properties
 Full AnnealFull Hard
Yield Strength48,000 psi250,000 psi
Tensile Strength90,000 psi281,000 psi
Spools of fine wire
Physical Properties
Density0.285 lbs/in3
Elastizitätsmodul28.0 x106 psi
Electrical Restivity720 μohms-mm
Thermal Connectivity16.3 W/m K (100°C)
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