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Über Loos & Co

Loos & Co, founded in 1958, specializes in wire, aircraft cable, and wire rope manufacturing for aerospace, military, and commercial applications.

Our History

Founded in 1958, Loos und Unternehmen evolved from a three-car garage business, originally situated behind the home of owner A. W. “Gus” Loos and his wife Joan, to a 220,000 square foot plant located in picturesque Pomfret, Connecticut. Starting out in business as a manufacturer’s representative for hardware concerns, Mr. Loos simultaneously imported wire rope and cable from Germany and Japan. He was soon stocking cable, tools and fittings, as well as re-reeling and packaging cable.

Loos and Company Original Building
Loos and Company - Gus Loos

In 1962, Loos and Company began manufacturing cable assemblies. Following its success in that area, in 1964, Mr. Loos added facilities to produce plastic-coated cables. Since 1971, with the acquisition of its own stranding and closing machines, Loos has been able to draw wire and strand it into cable in house. Today, the company can draw wire, strand cable, extrude plastics, manufacture hardware and tools for mechanical cable, manufacture Kabelkonfektionen, as well as test and package all of the above.

Old Hands in the Wire Business

For over 60 years, Loos and Company has pioneered and thrived in the highly critical profession of cable and wire rope manufacturing for use in aerospace flight controls, elevators, rigging, and scaffolding where human lives are directly at stake. This valuable experience has taught us “the ropes” about what a difference wire makes. We can help make the difference for you too.

Loos and Company Headquarters

Loos and Company Today

Today, Loos & Co. is proud to be a part of Central Wire Group of Companies. Loos manufactures a wide variety of Draht, Flugzeugkabel, and Drahtseil. These products are used in aerospace, military, and commercial applications, including – aircraft flight controls, elevators, fitness equipment, rigging, and scaffolding operations. They are OEM producers for companies such as Boeing, General Dynamics, and Bombardier.

Loos & Co., Inc., Wire Products, Pomfret Center, CT