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SS 304V 医用电线

Discover the superior strength and formability of 304V stainless steel. Explore its properties, specifications, and applications in medical wire products.

304V Stainless Steel Properties and Specifications

The 304V alloy exhibits excellent strength and formability. This particular alloy is electric-arc melted and then vacuum-arc remelted. Through this process, 304V is extremely pure and has minimal contaminants.

Chemical Composition (% of weight)
CarbonManganesePhosphorusSulfurSiliconChromiumNickelMolybdenumOther Elements
0.0802.000.0450.0301.0018.00-20.008.00-10.50W- 0.100
Mechanical Properties
 Full AnnealFull Hard
Yield Strength48,000 psi280,000 psi
Tensile Strength90,000 psi335,000 psi
Spools of fine wire
Modulus of Elasticity28.5 x 106 psi
Electrical Restivity720 μohms-mm
Thermal Connectivity16.36 W/m K (100°C)
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