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Discover high-quality vascular products for effective therapy. Our medical-grade solutions ensure precision and reliability

medical tubing wire

Highly specialized instruments used in vascular therapy rely on wire and strand to perform less invasive and more effective therapy. Our wire and cable products are used as corewires for extruded tubing, braided and wrapped wires for tubing strength and functionality, guidewires for catheters, and much more vascular applications.

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In today’s advanced device markets, there is no room for error. Our tight tolerances provide precision and work in all existing designs. Reinforcing tubing with braided wire keeps the tube from kinking. Using our   round    wire  in a braided arrangement helps ensure that your catheter doesn’t fail under pressure. Our medical grade braiding wire stands on the basis of quality above all else. Learn more on our   medical   braiding wire    page. 

Core Wire

Our stainless steel and specialty alloy wire is used as a clean, smooth, single component alternative to silver clad copper or Teflon-coated copper in the extrusion of specialized medical tubing. Loos y Compañía Medical Technologies Division specialized stainless wire will not flake or leave foreign debris inside tubing or on processing equipment. Learn more on our   medical core wire    page. 


Commonly used in catheterization and angioplasty procedures, our medical guidewire is available to meet your custom size and tolerance requirements. To learn more about our wire products, visit our   medical wire products  page.

Cable and Strand

When added flexibility is required, or special torque properties are necessary, Loos and  Company Medical Technologies Division produces strand available in two, three, four  or more wire twists. Learn more on our   medical strand products  page.

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Surgeon Inserting Tube Into Patient During Surgery
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