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Kabel für die Reparatur von Geräten

Choose EXERFLEXPRO by Loos & Co for superior quality, performance, and safety. Reduce costs, enhance user experience, and ensure long cable life.

The #1 Choice of Fitness Equipment Repair Professionals

EXERFLEXPRO® Fitness Cable and Accessories

Loos and Company Jewel Wire Division

Because Quality and Performance Matter

For more than two decades, the world’s leading fitness equipment repair professionals have relied on EXERFLEXPRO® fitness cable and accessories as the ONLY cable used to repair their customer’s equipment. Manufactured in the USA, EXERFLEXPRO® fitness cable builds on Loos & Company’s tradition of providing fitness equipment OEMs, equipment owners, and equipment repair professionals the highest level of cable performance and safety on the market.

Choose EXERFLEXPRO® for Fitness Equipment Repair

Customers turn to you for fitness equipment repair because you are a professional. The quality and performance of your work speaks for itself. Don’t risk your reputation or the relationship with your customer by installing an inferior cable. Not all cable is created equal. Trust in the professionals who have been delivering unmatched performance and safety in nylon coated aircraft cable manufactured specifically for gym equipment. Based on our experience manufacturing military specification aircraft cable, we trust the performance of EXERFLEXPRO® fitness cable so much, we put our name on it! Trust the brand that has been delivering performance in gym equipment repair cables for decades! Only use EXERFLEXPRO® fitness cables and accessories.

Maintain Your Customer’s Equipment with the Industry’s Leading Fitness Cable & Accessories

Safety and performance are critical to any cable used in exercise equipment. After all, it’s the cable that provides the connection between the user and your equipment. To ensure a top quality exercise experience and unparalleled safety, make sure you choose EXERFLEXPRO® fitness cable and follow industry standards when designing your equipment.

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Available from stock – 800.533.566

Part #SizeBreaking StrengthRecommended Pulley 
DIA* (24:1)
GF09479043/32-5/32980 lbs2-1/4 in
GF12579021/8-3/162000 lbs3 in
GF15679045/32-7/322800 lbs3-3/4 in
GF18879033/16-1/44200 lbs4-1/2 in
GF25079021/4-5/167000 lbs6 in
FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE: custom colors and sizes are available to match equipment and performance needs 

Refer to our Design Tolerances and Guidelines for additional information, or Request Additional Information

Fitness Cable Hardware and Accessories

ALWAYS available from stock – 800.533.5667

Repair / Replacement Part

Product Description

Ball Shanks

Die MS20664 Series single shank balls are manufactured from stainless steel in accordance with MIL-DTL-781 to the strict standards of the MS20664, and are certified to that standard. Loos Cableware® Division offers a full line of sizes.

Eye Ends

Die MS20668 Eye End Fittings are manufactured from stainless steel in accordance with the requirements of MIL-DTL-781 and are certified to those standards. Loos Cableware Division offers a full line of the MS20668 Eye End Fittings and is a QPL manufacturer of these parts.

Replacement Pulleys

Find stock and customized replacement fitness equipment pulleys from eSheaves.com. Replacement pulleys are available from 1″ to 6″ in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, nylon, and other plastics. Visit www.esheaves.com um mehr zu erfahren.

Repair & Installation Tools

Everything you need to build, repair, and replace cable assemblies on fitness equipment. Loos offers the complete line of Swiss-made FELCO brand cable cutters. FELCO is known throughout the world for its unsurpassed quality and reliability in cutting the toughest cables and high tensile strength wires. Loos Locoloc® Handswaging tools are US-made and designed for extremely long life. Accurately swage cable sleeves to fit cable from 1/32″ up to 1/2″.

Custom Parts

Don’t see what you need? Loos Precision Products is dedicated to partnering with our customers to meet and exceed their production requirements to produce high quality, competitively priced products. Send us your design and we will match it – with quick turn capabilities and competitive pricing. From Swiss Machining to Vertical Milling, Loos Precision Products (LPP) has the equipment for your custom hardware.

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Why EXERFLEXPRO® is the superior choice:

It enhances user experience.

Equipment owners will see an immediate return after installing EXERFLEXPRO®. Cable smoothness and flexibility will provide their customers with a top quality exercise experience.

It provides unmatched safety.

Each lot of EXERFLEXPRO® fitness cable by Loos & Co., Inc. is tested and certified – reducing failures under strain and lessening the risk of injury.

It reduces the cost of ownership.

Equipment owners will require fewer service calls and less downtime for their equipment. Repair professionals can eliminate the need for multiple service calls to replace inferior cables.

It ensures long cable life.

Manufacturers and owners rely on EXERFLEXPRO® for an extended service life in their equipment. Strict quality standards and extensive testing ensure that cable meets the strength and endurance required on today’s fitness equipment. And we don’t just say it, we certify it in writing.